Ultrafiltration is low pressure membrane process use to separate bacteria, viruses and high molecular weight compounds,colloidal and particulate matter from feed steam.
Regards,The principle of ultrafiltration(UF) is filtration of solutions or suspensions under pressure through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane has pores that allow the solvent and small molecules to pass through and the larger molecules to be retained. Ultrafiltration may therefore be considered as both a concentration and afractionation process according to the components of interest. There are basic three types of Ultrafiltration Membranes, namely, Dead-end, Crossflow & submerged. The membranes used in this case are crossflow type. With crossflow filtration a constant turbulent flow along the membrane surface prevents the accumulation of matter on the membrane surface. The membranes used in this process are commonly tubes with a membrane layer on the inside wall of the tube. The feed flow through the membrane tube has an elevated pressure as driving force for the filtration process and a high flow speed to create turbulent conditions. The process is referred to as “cross-flow”, because the feed flow and filtration flow direction have 90degrees’ angle.


Key Features:
Highly Efficient Filtration: UF technology is renowned for its exceptional efficiency in removing bacteria, viruses, high molecular weight compounds, colloidal substances, and particulate matter from your liquid feed stream. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to pristine, purified solutions. Semipermeable Membrane: Our UF Plant operates on the principle of filtration under pressure
through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane is equipped with specialized pores that allow solvents and small molecules to pass through while retaining larger molecules.

This results in a precise and controlled separation process.
Versatile Fractionation: Ultra filtration is not just about purification; it’s also a versatile fractionation process. Tailor your separation according to your specific needs and isolate the components of interest with ease.
Multiple Membrane Options: Choose from three fundamental types of Ultra filtration membranes, including Dead-end, Cross-flow, and Submerged configurations. Our UF Plant utilizes cross-flow membranes, renowned for their exceptional performance and durability.

Cross-Flow Efficiency: The cross-flow design of our membranes ensures a constant turbulent flow along the membrane surface. This prevents the accumulation of matter on the membrane, guaranteeing consistent and uninterrupted filtration.
Tube-Based Membranes: In our UF Plant, we employ tube-based membranes with a specialized membrane layer on the inside wall of the tube. This configuration optimizes surface area for filtration and ensures efficient separation.
Precise Control: With elevated pressure as the driving force and high flow speeds creating turbulent conditions, our cross-flow filtration process is highly controlled and efficient. The feed flow and filtration flow have a 90-degree angle, earning the process its “cross-flow” name.

Pharmaceuticals: Ensure the purity of pharmaceutical solutions by removing contaminants and impurities.
Food and Beverage: Improve the quality of food and beverage products by eliminating unwanted particles and microorganisms.
Industrial Processes: Enhance the efficiency and reliability of various industrial processes that require purified liquids.
Wastewater Treatment: Achieve cleaner and more environmentally friendly wastewater treatment processes.
Biotechnology: Isolate and concentrate valuable biomolecules for research and production purposes.

Our UF Plant represents the pinnacle of ultrafiltration technology, offering precise control, exceptional efficiency, and versatile  applications. Trust us to deliver the purity your processes demand. Upgrade to our UF Plant today and experience the difference in liquid purification.